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DressBeyond is a space for women looking to live, laugh, and love in style. We focus on the fashion and lifestyle of D’Shaunte and her family. We started as a fashion blog,but the need for balance of all things led to expansion into a lifestyle brand. Here you will find personal advice on how to tap into your potential for living the life you want. Come on the journey with me as we strive to make our lives simple, sexy, and successful.



 A woman who has a love of many things, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur. A woman whom has a huge heart, is a wanderluster, loves food, God and Chanel! I look forward to helping others find their full potential.


Hello From!

D’Shaunte McKnight

1.   I currently reside in Los Angeles with my husband and 2 daughters

2.   I love food, All Food. My husband calls me Eat’em ups

3.   I started my blog in 2015

4.   I served in the Air Force for 4 years

5.   That makes me a Veteran  (Where my women Vets at:)

6.   I have had a license as a Bartender, Pharmacy Tech, and Real Estate Agent

7.   I am an Esthetician

8.   I love meeting new people, but often don’t have time to hang out

9.   I am from Oklahoma ("Hey Y'all") moved to LA in 2014!

10. I have a bachelors is in Business/Biology

11. I have Narcolepsy ,

12. This is not a good reflection of Narcolepsy, but funny (Deuce Bigalow)

13. Fashion Is Life, I have aspired to be in the Fashion World since 11yr

14. Time is the most valuable thing!

15.  Travel is the best education!

16. Family and Friends are the best!

17. I am one of the most laid back people you will meet.

18. I get easily bored so I am always on to the next task or adventure.

19. Do you want to know more?