5 Ways To Cope With The Holiday Blues

Today’s post is a style post with a twist. Yesterday I read a post on facebook about people not realizing that others are sad or lonely and it touched me, because it is known that during the holidays some people become slightly depressed. It was one of those copy and share posts that caught my attention, so I decided to write about the winter blues. Here are a few of the possible reasons people become depressed or sad during the holiday season.

  • No family or friends
  • Loneliness
  • Recently lost a loved one
  • Recently divorced or break-ups
  • Family conflict
  • Self-evaluation and reflection cause sadness
  • Financial hardship

These are just a couple of the reasons for such for the “Holiday Blues”. Be sure to look out for people you may know going through some of these hardships, and try to sprinkle them with some festive holiday cheer, or if you are the one going through the blues read on for some ideas on how to combat the symptoms.

Here are 5 ways to beat the “Holiday Blues”

“Here are 5 ways to beat the “Holiday Blues”

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I know I know it's winter break. A lot of people have time off and just want to sleep in and lounge all day, but if you’re feeling a little sad that is not a good idea. Instead, get up and get too moving. Walk around the neighbor, take that zumba class you keep saying you are going to try, or just turn the music up and dance around the house. Whatever you do be sure to get at least 30 minutes of movement in your day. Exercise stimulates endorphins in your body, which can improve your mood. Exercise is my number one stress reliever. I find when I don’t workout my anxiety is a lot higher, and I stress easier.

Get together with other people

During this time of the year there is always something going on. There are people everywhere. Many of your family and friends will be having holiday parties and gatherings for you to attend, and if that’s not an option look for events in your city. I know a lot of places such as churches, lounges, comedy houses, museums, bars, and other areas offering  activities during this time of the year. Take the time to enjoy being around others, even if you have to venture out by yourself.

Reading or Writing

I know some people are rolling their eyes on this one, but read and writing have are one of the best therapies for dealing with lives mishaps. I know for myself a great book can take me away and have me lost for days. Good books will not allow you to put them down, so head over to the library, Barnes and Nobles, or Hastings, and get your read on. Journaling is also a great therapy for the mind. Write out your thoughts and feeling, not for the purpose of deciphering the cure to life, but just to get it out of your head.

Stay on budget

I know we want to get the best, biggest, and largest amount of gifts for everyone that we love, but do your best to be realistic and stay within your budget. This is a really hard one to deal with for a lot of people, me included, but it's one of the most important. Financial hardship is a trigger for depression, and by overspending on gifts and festivities we can dig ourselves into deeper sadness and depression. I personally have gone over budget every year and always kick myself at the end, so this year I did the same (went over budget). The difference this time is I decided (or my husband) to take back all the items that went over budget. I felt like I needed more gifts when what I already purchased was enough. Now I feel better because I stayed on budget. Remember the holidays are not about the gifts, but about the love and celebration.

Remember to Love, Laugh, and breathe

To be able to breathe and live another day is a true blessing. Enjoy the simple things in life. Walk outside and inhale the air, look at how the wind blows through the trees, hike or walk a trail, smile and laugh hysterically, dance. You are living, and any situation you are going thru today will change. Life is a road of ups and downs; find the courage within yourself to seize your time on this earth.

A Great Outfit Never Hurt Either!

As I always say if you look good you feel good, so get up, get dressed, and get out! No, clothing is not everything, but the way you feel about yourself is. We all know an outfit we feel good in can transform our whole day, which is why I'm including a holiday look in this post. Check out the style below and leave some comments and tips you have to avoid the holiday blues.

Rock My Look:

Coat: Vince Camuto

Dress: Aqua

Shoes: INC

Necklace: Old, Try here for a statement

Earrings: Hoops

Foundation:Bobbi Brown

Lipstick:Estee Lauder