Fashionable Family Day At LACMA

Fashionable Family Day At LACMA

We spent Christmas Eve gallivanting around one of Los Angeles most popular and artsy destinations, LACMA. For those who are not common with its nickname the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western United States. We decided to visit after discovering they had a great kids membership that allows for free entry to a child and accompanying adult. It’s the perfect place to spend a family day. It’s not one of those museums where you would feel completely uncomfortable with your kids because they are loud and everyone is staring at you. It’s actually quite the opposite. This was our first trip there and we didn’t even visit the children’s museum. We got there to late that day and it closed early. Yet, the children still had a fabulous time exploring. Of course the Jesus Rafael Soto’s Penetrable, which everyone references to spaghetti was a big hit with the girls. This interactive piece allows children to climb through, up, down, and all around exerting some expendable energy. The girls really enjoyed it and we got some lovely shots of them playing below.

We saw some of the other art exhibits, but did not get to really enjoy the entirety of LACMA because of limited time. We will definitely be back to discover the other wonders of this incredible museum.

Let me know your experience at LACMA, and what are some of your favorite exhibits?

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