An Introduction is Necessary

Have you ever had a dream or idea that haunted you?

Hello World,

Welcome to DressBeyond! You are now entering the world of a fashionable, indecisive, happy-go-lucky, temperamental, adventurous, loving, mother, wife, sister, friend, and mermaid (at least that’s what I tell my husband).

It has taken a long time for this blog to arrive. The journey here has been full of self-doubt. I am constantly saying what I want, but never actually starting or working towards the goals my heart truly desires. Every time I would begin to move forward I would talk myself out of it with self-doubt again.

Oh, but I have arrived.

My dreams have always been the same since the age of 11. My story began in the great state of Oklahoma.

I'm from Oklahoma, so that makes me an authentic fashion lover. I grew up with my mother and two younger sisters. I discovered my love of fashion at the age of eleven watching a hip-hop video (Trick Daddy feat Trina - Nann - You Tube). I saw the rapper Trina wear these CC earring, whom I later discovered was Chanel. After researching that Chanel was; fashion and design became an obsession. I would go to the library and borrow fashion books and learn about different designers. Luckily, at that time, I was a mouthy preteen, and I stayed on punishment. In order to keep busy, I would read and draw out clothing designs all day and night. That was the magical beginning of my love affair with the fashion world.

Later in my teen years I would dream of graduating high school, and attend Parsons School of Design,but my mother always said her budget wouldn’t allow it. She thought I was in a rush and just too high maintenance to sprout off to New York. So, I did what any fashionista would do and joined the military (snickers)!

Air Force Logo - Silver 3D, with text

During my time in the military I dreamed of wearing heels instead of combat boots and dresses instead of fatigues, but I learned a lot and gained some knowledge that was life changing. I now think being in the military was one of the best decisions for my life.

I married my high school sweetheart at the being of my military career. He was in the Army. After I completed my four year contract. I went along to receive a degree in Business/Biology, and I had two wonderful children. Life has kept me very busy. Along the way, I simply loss focus off of pursing a career in fashion, but now I’m back with this blog exploring my true dreams. I hope my passion shines through the screen, and my life and style will inspire you to pursue whatever it is you want out of life.

If you skipped all of that and arrived here: Follow my blog, because I’m cool and a mermaid!

“I’m beginning to believe my dreams are real”