Capsule Wardrobe for Beginners: 10 Basics that will Rock your Summer Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe for Beginners: 10 Basics that will Rock your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is right around the corner, and the thought of building a summer ready capsule wardrobe probably sounds a little intimidating. Transitioning to your summer wardrobe each year might mean lugging boxes from the basement or out of the dark depths of your closet. Yea, it can be totally annoying or excitingly fun depending on how much you like summer.  To make it simple I have composed these 10 basic pieces, which will help you build a capsule wardrobe that will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze

One pair of Jeans

Depending on where you live, your summertime temperatures could reach anywhere from the 90’s or above! Which means you probably won’t need too many pairs of jeans to fall back on. Even in a summer capsule wardrobe, I suggest having at least one pair of jeans for those cool summer nights or in case you need to cover your legs. A pair with rips like these here are great for letting some air in doing those hot summer days.

1 pair of Slacks

For those of you who require business casual or professional attire, it’s good to have at least one pair of slacks in your wardrobe to wear to work, or in case you need to dress up a nice shirt. Even though slacks are typically considered winter attire, you should at least have one pair just in case. More than one if your work requires professional attire. Look for lightweight materials such as linen or cotton, and lighter colors to avoid trapping heat. Great places to find quality work pants on a budget are Rosses, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and other brand discount stores.

3 Dresses

Dresses are a perfect summer staple for any summer capsule wardrobe. Whether dressing up for a nice dinner or just looking for a breezy summer outfit, dresses are the perfect go-to item. When choosing dresses for your capsule wardrobe, you should look for dresses that can be dressed up for a night out or used to wear around town while running errands.

 3 Shirts

Shirts are another staple when it comes to a summer capsule wardrobe. Your shirt choices should be dressy enough to be worn with your other items, but still casual enough to be worn with a pair of shorts if necessary. The off the shoulder trend is all the rave for this summer and one of my favorite shirts.

2 Pair of Shorts

The last item in our capsule wardrobe is shorts. When choosing the color of your shorts, be sure they can be paired with all of the shirts in your wardrobe. While versatility is key, they should also display your own personal style. Make your own pair of DIY shorts like below by buying some thifted jeans and getting crafty.


Ten items might not seem like a lot of clothes for an entire summer of outfits, however, you’ll be surprised to find how many different combinations can be made with just a few pieces. Make sure to choose neutral or matching colors when deciding on the pieces that will make up your summer capsule wardrobe. That way you get a bang for your buck for out shopping!

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to shop for Summer:

1. Target 

2. Nordstrom 

3. H&M

4. Forever 21

5. Zara

6. TJ Maxx 

7. Macys