Celebrities We Never Thought Would Have A Show At New York Fashion Week

Celebrities We Never Thought Would Have A Show At New York Fashion Week

While Celebrites are known to capitalize off as much as they can by doing clothing lines and appearing at runway shows. There are a few who have managed to break the barrier and actually have a runway production during the esteemed New York Fashion Week.

1.Serena Williams

Serena Williams Tennis super star runs to fashion after loss
Serena Williams Tennis super star runs to fashion after loss

Serena is one of the best tennis players in the world. After winning the Gram Slam this year the tennis star  accomplished winning her 21st title. Although the star went on to lose to Roberta Vinci,  she didn't let that stop her from ripping the runway for New York Fashion Week. In addition to making tennis history the star athlete is also making fashion history. Serena was quoted as saying, that her first real love was to be a wedding dress designer in her Vogue cover this past April. After losing out at the US open, the star dove head first into preparing for this years NYFW. The star had a fall fashion collection with HSN. With the fashion world head haunch Anna Wintour in the front row, I would commend the show was a hit. You can watch for yourself here. Check out the looks below and go to HSN.Com for more.

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2. Lauren Conrad

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Lauren got her start on hit MTV series Laguna Beach, a show based on teenage life and anguish in well, Laguna Beach. She then transitioned to hit show The Hills, with a focus on college life at fashion school and living in Los Angeles. Conrad has lucratively come out on top since the filming of both these shows, with beauty products, fashion lines, and blogging. One of the stars biggest ventures being her fashion collection with Kohl's. The LC Lauren Conrad line has been holding steady with Kohl's for six years, and  this season had the reality star turned fashion designer debuting a runway collection at New York Fashion Week. This is one star who has taken reality to the next level and one I never thought we would see on the runway, but here she is. Check out her collection below.

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[embed align="center"]http://gty.im/487446800[/embed] 3. Victoria Beckham

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Posh Spice as Mrs. Beckham is previously known is not a shocker on the runway due to her daily posh clothing style. Yet with the most notable beginning of her entertainment career being in girl group Spice Girls, with hits like "Wanna Be", we would not believe how far she has come. She is married to soccer star and bodacious butt model( thatsmynameforhim): David Beckham, and has four children. With such a grueling schedule, the mom and wife was still able to keep up with the latest fashion and sport High heels as if she was a runway model.The public took notice and quickly gave pinned her fashion queen. Beckham debut as a designer in 2008. She has since had saleout store collections and continues to be the posh fashion expert. Check out looks from her line below

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4. Kanye West

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When I hear Kanye's name I automatically think, do I love myself like Kanye loves Kanye. If you are a fan of music or the Kardashians, or alive on planet earth, chances are you have heard of Kanye. Kanye is self-loving extremely vocal rapper who has gained notable fame and success as one of hip hop's greatest. I myself am a die hard Kanye fan, and I must say that his passion for creativity and art make him one great artist. Yet, his lack of constructing his vision through words is a blatant reason the world believes he should not be on any fashion runway. Kanye has spoken of his love of fashion since the beginning of his career. The rapper has attempted to launch his own line in years before quoting lack of money as the reason for failure. Later he had successful collaborations with several large retailers such as Nike. Yeezy's latest collection with Adidas has landed him on the NYFW runway for the 1st time for Fall fasion week earlier this year. The rappers fashion design career has not been established without controversy from fellow fashion peers and the world. Whether you love or hate or love to hate Kanye,one thing for sure is that he seems to have broken into the exclusive fashion world, and he will surely fight to stay. Check out Yeezy Season 2 below, and look here for a sneak peak into the show.

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