Chocolate And Pink Sparkles!

A week or so ago I ventured to LA Chocolate Festival and Pastry Show. Needless to say it was mind blowing. There were endless loads of delectable handmade chocolates and exquisite tasting alcohol. The perfect party combination for a woman like me! I approached each vendor table in such a bubbly manor while graciously trying not to load my hand with multiples, because that’s just greedy! Side note: It’s always that moment at a party or event when you would like to grab a few more of the party bites but don’t want to be looked at as the greedy girl! Well, just grab the refreshments next time; life is to short to be cautious on frivolously things such as who ate the last piece of chocolate. I’m just saying! I tried just about everything in the building completely underestimating my intake of alcohol samples. Whoa, I was a little tipsier then I thought I would be after trying tea infused and chocolate alcohol.

Any who, on to what I wore. The pink and sparkle skirt was a hit. It definitely grabbed lots of attention, because everyone loves shiny things. After examination of the photos I saw reminded me that this is actually a perfect outfit for our hearts to melt after in time for next months glory of love day (Valentine's Day). I know you all are thinking or looking for a sexy outfit to smitten that special significant other with. While this does not scream Vixen sex appeal, I think it gives off sexy with a chance of extra on the side. What that extra is you decide!

We still have a couple of weeks until that special day comes, so I will be sure to post some other outfit inspiration.

Rock My Look:

Skirt: French Connection

Top: French Connection

Shoes: Steven Madden (old) Try Here

Coat: Thrift Shop/Try Here

Earrings: H&M (Try Here)