Fashion Friday + An Urban Look

Summer is right around the corner and that is always an exciting time of the year. Summer always feels like fun until I realize it's bikini season and summer bodies are made in the winter, but I somehow neglected to follow that rule and am on the crunch time to get the perfect summer body. Yes, that was a run on sentence and has absolutely nothing to do with today's outfit, but welcome to my world. Confused yet? Yea, I am too at times! Check out my fashion Friday look.

So this outfit was inspired by my husband, he wanted to shoot an urban look, so I picked up this two piece matching set from on of my favorite places, Macy's.  I have a total obsession with two piece matching sets right now so expect to see me in a plethora of them for them for rest of this year.

I'm all for rocking the neutral palette, I have an affinity for white, even though I always seem  to splatter whatever I put my hands on all over them. From make-up to juice or coffee, I am a klutz. Hopefully you all are not and can wear all colors like adults should!

I must admit, when gladiator sandals  first appeared a few years ago I was not a fan. Today I have come to love the gladiator sandal. It adds spice to certain outfits, especially on days I don't want to wear heels. Gladiators are comfortable.

Let me see ya Grill:)

Rock My Look

Top: Kiind Of

Skirt:Kiind Of

Shoes:Madden Girl

Cuff: H&M

Ring:Dope (soldout)