Fashion Friday + Black Friday Free People Style

Fashion Friday + Black Friday Free People Style

Black Friday! How many of you are involved or were involved in the mass hysteria of the biggest sales day of the year? I bet some of you are waiting in line reading this right now. I have not destined myself to go shopping on this Friday in years. The craziness involved disdains me. Although, I do like the fact that one of my favorite stores Macy's is open for 24 hours. I like to go look around and grab some tea from Starbucks, because isn't busy at 2:00am when your browsing. Some of the deals are good, particularly on electronics and kitchenware, but other than that I haven’t seen it to be worth it. Most of the retailers have better sales after the holidays, which is when I like to shop. Other than that I shop in mostly sales, and clearance areas throughout the year, so I’m basically always saving. At least that’s the rationale I give myself when I’m shopping, so it seems right. Lets move on!

This week’s fashion is in tune with the 70’s fashion comeback. I am completely in love with this hippie, flow, love, and dress vibe. The dress is very airy, and feels extremely free and comfortable. Watch out in windy weather because it tends to flow away, as it did with me at the park. The dress is from Free People whom I discovered several years ago when living in Texas, but have recently become smitten with. Funny, it sounds as if I’m talking about a person, yet it’s a clothing brand. The brand is build off of courage, femininity, and freedom. It matches some of my philosophies in life, and the clothing matches the more comfortable styles I'm into at the moment, so I presume I will be sporting a lot of their items for years to come. Take a look and let me know which brands are in tune with your life philosophies.

This is my hair after a wash and go air dry.  Afro chic!

The front sheer, so a bralette or tank top is needed. I wore a bralette for some added dimension, and because I love bralettes!

Cool fact about Free People, it is the sister company to Urban Outfitters and started by a husband and wife team. I kept asking why I always seen the stores next to each other and I found out why after researching the brand.

Rock My Look:


Boots: Forever 21

Bralet:Urban Outfitters