Fashion Friday + Clearance Rack Casual
Black Opal Beauty

Friday has come again! It seems so fast this week. I was off Monday and Tuesday, which is probably why I'm feeling so, shorted. Anyway, we are ending our first month in the year 2016. How is everyone feeling about that? I'm excited! This has been a great month for me so far. If the rest of the year continues this way I will be skipping my way into 2017. We can only hope, right! I know that life is a cycle of good and bad, so what goes up must come down. I stay connected to the positivity.

The fashion for today is casual cool. I'm rocking a pair of $8-dollar Target jeans and an $24 dollar jacket from JCPenneys. Talk about a great deal, winning! I love to shop on clearance. Every store I go to I search for a clearance rack, because you can find great clothing at a cheaper price. It’s very rare that I buy full price. Clothing cycles in and out of stores too fast, so it almost always goes on sale 2 weeks after it hits the sales floor. That's my fashion advice for this week. Make it a point to check the clearance rack out. You never know what you could get!

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