Fashion Friday + "Clueless" Fashion Vibes

While going over some of my favorite movies as a teen. It brought back the dire memories of teen angst, and made me think of which characters I always wanted and pretended to be. Some of my favorites were Ten Things I Hate About You, Bring It On, and She’s All That. My list topper was Clueless, “Duh”. This movie and its cult following taught me why we used phrases such as “As if” and “Whatever”. I didn’t see it until my teen years, and I was immediately mesmerized with the bright colors, plaid patterns, and knee socks. I use to dream of having a closet like Cher (Alicia Silverstone’s character), which I’m sure every young girl who ever watched the movie did. The outfits were amazing to simply put it. I mean who wasn’t dying to rock an oxford with a button-front top and over the knee socks! Come on people these are classic outfits that I still would wear to this day. Luckily fashion is a continuous recycle, and the fashion from our favorite schoolgirls is back in a major way. Walk into some of your favorite retail shops such as H&M, Forever 21, Bloomingdales and you will immediately notice what I’m talking about. With designers such as Alexander Wang being quoted as saying Clueless is one of his favorite movies, we can be sure the fashion fetched outfits will always be an influence for past, present, and future.

In perfect timing with the 20th anniversary celebration of the hit movie, a couple of blogger friends and I decided to recreate the fashion vibes from Clueless. Check out the looks below and let me know what you think. Also be sure to follow my fellow style bloggers, Thisfashionfiend and Childressed for some great life inspiration. Shout out to our photographer Samuel Mcknight, he is dope so check him out. Show me your "Clueless" looks by tagging me my social media sites.

Rock My Look:

Romper: Aqua


Socks: American Apparel

Clueless Vibes Part 1
Plaid Rompers
Pink Fur Passion Party

Faux fur jacket

Unreal Fur fur jacket

Elephant handbag

$71 -