Fashion Friday + Fall And Sweater Dresses

Fashion Friday + Fall And Sweater Dresses

Fall is in full effect and I have just arrived back in Oklahoma. I thought it would be way chiller here than it is in Los Angeles, but it seems the heat wave has been hitting the nation. It is nice to be visiting home. LA has been full of hustle for the last few weeks, so I'm slightly drained, and a tinkle of overwhelmed. Luckily, I leave on Sunday to go on a cruise with my best friend. I will be happily having drinks,eats,Cozumel,ships,beach. I'm excited just typing this!

 Changing lanes, let's focus on one of my fall favorites. Sweater dresses are great for a warm and comfortable fall outfit. I love this one because it has a beautiful fall colorblock pattern. I paired it with my faux fur vest for a more festive touch, but you can easily pair this with a great poncho, trench coat, or fur coat. You could even put a great turtle neck or crew neck shirt underneath for an warmer fall or winter vibe.

My Hair is wrapped in a beautiful scarf, which I inherited from my grandmothers collection when she passed. I frequently wear my hair in wraps,especially on days when I don't want to deal with crazy hair woes. Wraps are also just stylish pieces to add to any outfit for a different look. Just google pics and you can see women from all cultures wearing head wraps in a variety of ways. It adds a retro chic touch to most outfits. As I am gearing up to go on vacay there will not be a post for next Friday, but I will catch back up with you all the next week.

Rock My Look:

Dress:Vince Camuto

Vest: Wet Seal

Shoes: Forever21