Fashion Friday + Golden Holiday

Christmas time is here and I am sure most of you are spending it with; love, family, friends, and parties. The holiday spirit is sprinkled across everywhere with lights, decorations, sales, Starbucks holiday drinks. For the most part I love this time of the year. I always decorate the house and try to have festive activities for the kids. My favorite part is shopping (of course)! I love buying gifts for others, especially children. It’s just something about seeing a smile on someone’s face when you give them a great gift, so I always try to get something I know the person will absolutely love or think of something off the wall that they would never get but would be a great experience. I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself. Even with all the gifts, and money being spent the most important thing to remember is to enjoy. Spend time with good people, vibe off of positive energy, and even if you have no one to celebrate with (email me) be thankful for another day to live.

Any who, I know you are all looking for the perfect outfit to wear to that holiday party this weekend or next week, and today’s look is dazzling. It’s a dress of course, and it’s from one of my favorite brands Rachel Roy. I have worn this brand many times on the blog like here. As I have said before the brand has something for anyone ranging from age 18 to 60, and for a variety of occasions. The holidays are a very festive time of the year. Even if you never dress up this time of the year gives you a reason too. It doesn't have to be formal either, it could be as simple as having a onesie party. The point is to be festive as the holiday spirit is amongst us and if you look good you feel good. Check out the fit below and let me know what you think. If you love it run to your nearest Macys to purchase, because they are having a sale!

Rock My Look:

Dress: Rachel Roy

Shoes: Try These or these

Lipstick:Ruby Woo

Necklace & Earring: H&M