Man Sweater+ Winter Snow

Weekly ReCap

Is it Friday again? Who is having a case  of the winter blues? This week has flown by. I have been so busy that I have I can't think straight or at least it feels that way sometimes. The constant hustle and bustle of trying to break into an industry can feel overwhelming at times. The beginning of starting a business feels endless. It seems that I am tirelessly working for little reward, and even though far in my mind I feel that it will pay off in the end, those sleepless nights still leave lingering thoughts. I say all this to say if you have had a seemingly endless tiring week, cheer up. The weekend is here, and although I will still be working I do intend to take several breaks and moments to enjoy me time and  family time. If we do not refuel, we eventually run out of gas. It is important to take time off. Rejoice in the fact that you are alive and breathe.

Fashion Friday!!!!!

Lets talk fashion! This look was shot whilst visiting our family in Oklahoma in January. It snowed the first day we got there and went away that same day. This is simple men's fashion look that can transfer into casual, lazy, or dinner date depending on your swag. I want to point out that most stores are having a sale on winter clothing. This is the perfect time to stock up on your sweaters, scarf’s, and coats for the next year. A lot of store will put out the same sweaters from the previous season when they start restocking winter gear in August. Check out the men's style below and click the links on where to buy.

Rock My Look:

Top: H&M

Pants: H&M