Fashion Friday + Macy's Marilyn Monroe Collection

It’s been a while since I have blogged; school pulled me away for the past couple of weeks. Microbiology class is not an easy, just in case any my readers are wondering, or thinking about pursing a science degree. Now that the class is over I feel free. So I am back with Fashion Friday, and today’s outfit is from Macy’s Marilyn Monroe Juniors Collection. This is my second piece from this line. I rocked this look here for Fourth of July weekend. What I really like about this line is the clothing is young, hip, and inexpensive. The line is definitely geared for the younger crowd with most pieces. Yet, you can find some really cool and comfortable fashion favorites for any age to rock on for those casual hip day outfit. Check out the line on Macy’s online or in store and let me know what you think.

Rock My Look:

Dress: Here

Shoes: Guess

Earring: Gold Hoops