Fashion Friday + Men's Style With Variety

Hello Fashion World,

This week I have an official model rocking some men's looks that are sure to add some dope style to any male wardrobe.

Men's fashion is not as highly saturated and covered within the fashion scene, yet it is just as important for men to dress well as it is for women. I do find men's fashion to be simpler in approach as far as choosing what to wear. One of the most important factors in choosing clothing for men is fit. Tailoring is of the highest importance when fitting men’s clothing. There are other factors too, but I will leave you with the latter to ponder until I gather all research for a men’s style tip post.

Continuing with today’s Fashion Friday.

Most people, myself included, are quick to buy new clothing when we think we don't have anything to wear, but we should all take a look in our closets for items that can serve us for multiple outfit occasions. I put these looks together to show the diversity of outfits you can have using a few key pieces.

Rock My Look:

Top:OutofStock/Try this

Shorts: WD-NY

Shoes: Creative Recreation


Rock My Look:


Top: Nike

Bottoms: WD-NY


Rock My Look:

Top: H&M(out)/Try this


Shoes: Timberlands

Watch:Try Here

Rock My Look:

Jacket: Diesel

Top: H&M(out)/Try This

Pants: ASOS

Shoes: Creative Recreation

Watch: Try Here