New Year + Casual Men's Style

Happy New Year!

Today is the first fashion Friday of the year and I wanted to start it off with Men’s fashion. As we all know Men’s fashion is popular in the blogosphere, but not nearly as popular as women’s fashion. I like to think both sexes equally care about their appearance. We all want to look good, so today I’m focusing on some casual men’s style. In addition I have 3 tips for keeping it simple, stylish, and sexy when it comes to men’s fashion.

Tip #1Fit is Important

Most men wear clothing that is too large. Bad Idea, one of the best ways to improve your style is have the right fit. No, that does not mean you have to be crouched in skinny jeans, but properly fitted jeans and pants are a must. Even something as simple as sweat pants have a proper fit.

Tip #2 Simplicity

We are focusing on causal wear today, so just keep it simple. It is very important for men to keep basic t-shirts in their wardrobe. White crisp shirts are a must. Make sure to keep them white. One thing I hate to see is a man in a dingy white t-shirt. It’s just inappropriate. For this reason I recommend men to buy white t-shirts a least once a month, you can get them at most retailers in a pack for super cheap. Men’s fashion in my opinion is always sexier when kept simple. Manly presence commands attention already so on casual days keep the color schemes and jewelry to a minimum.

Tip #3 Confidence

Be confident! This is obvious for everyone’s style guide, but it is important. You should feel confident in what you have on. Style is a nonverbal form of communication. It tells your story before you are able to speak. Make a conscious effort to keep your appearance up to confident standards.

Enjoy the New Year, and post any recommendations on men and style below!

Rock My Look:

Top: H&M

T-shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Hat: Lids

Shoe: Timberland

Watch: Try Here