Fashion Friday + Bell-Bottom Is Back

Fashion Friday + Bell-Bottom Is Back

Good Day, How is your Fashion Friday weekend starting off? Mine is good so far. Busy planning and unpacking after my recent visit to Oklahoma. Going home made me realize how I really dislike the cold weather, but I do like the winter fashion. Everyone was rocking boots, coats, and cozy sweaters. This week’s outfit is perfect to add to your winter wardrobe especially if you like the 70’s bell-bottom vibe with a modern twist.

One of the latest trends resurfacing is the bell-bottom pant. The fashion industry we have seen designing 70’s inspired clothing for a few seasons now, and I am on it. One of the benefits of the bell-bottom jean is it gives a very shapely silhouette. Of course caution is to be taken with that statement because the fit will not be for everyone. Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, not a good look. The key will be to try them on for fit. For you shorter ladies prepare to do some alterations. The length of the bell-bottom pants almost always requires a heel. For some it is a welcomed departure from our beloved skinny jeans, which have been the staple jean in many of our closets for the last several years. Others may find the trend to complicated because it does require wearing the right fit, top, and shoe. Overall the pros outweigh the cons. These pants will add flare (no pun intended), flavor, and body to your look. Just google some of the foxy ladies rocking bell bottom pants in the past. The look now is less hippie and more classical chic, but still giving that groovy attitude. The skinnies will continue to be a staple for me, but I can surely rock with a great pair of high waisted bell-bottoms.

Rock My Look:

Top: Out of Stock/tryhere

Pants: A.N.A Brand


Purse: Forever 21(old) try here