Fashion Philosophies

DressBeyond Fashion Philosophies to Live By

First thing first, your wardrobe should be fun, free, and representative of every facet of you!

If you don’t like it don’t wear it. You should feel comfortable in what you wear (Ladies high heels are a sacrifice).  You should never feel the need to put something on that’s is not representative of you.

"Dresses are a ladies best friend"

This is one of my favorite fashion philosophies. I have always been asked by friends, family, and classmates, alike; Why do you always were dresses? My answer is, because they are easy. Once you have a dress, all you need is shoes and accessories. Dresses complete outfits faster than all other clothing pieces.

A true love of fashion is not about labels, but about the excitement you feel picking out an outfit, and the confidence it gives you when you put it on.

This is an important one. Some people are label whores and call themselves fashion lovers. My belief is a person with a true passion for fashion can find it in any piece of clothing, designer or not.

Clothing is about the way you feel; your conscious or subconscious feelings dictate what you wear.

My daily outfits are based on how I feel. Clothing choices depend on how your day starts and what is on the agenda. Do you have a hot date that night, or do you have a huge test in physiology class this afternoon? Do you feel full of energy, or are you wishing for a Starbucks delivery service? All of our inner complexities play into how we dress for the day.

Trends are fun!

Exactly that, trends are FUN, so have fun with them. Join in or not. Explore trends and make them into your own. The choice is yours, but don't feel bad for following or not following them. Remember, your fashion choices are representative of you.

A fabulous outfit can make any day better.

Dressing up has an affect on your psyche. There are studies and statistics to prove this! When you look good, you feel good. So no matter what you have going on in your life, take the time to dress to impress. Sometimes even pretending you have special events to attend can get you in the mood to glam up for the day. No one will ever find out if you watch the Oscars in a ball gown!

Check out this article on how clothing affects the mind.

Shoes make the look.

Shoes can make or break any outfit. They usually make the outfit for the most part. Deciding between heels, flats, or wedges, colors can take a look from day to night, slutty to sophisticated, casual to dressy. Make sure you get the right shoes for the occasion.

Last but not least, your wardrobe should be fun, freeing and representative of every facet of you!