FashionFriday + Shades Of Blue

This week has been extremely busy. I loved every minute of it. New experiences ruled my world this week. I attended my first fashion week ever, and I was able to get a media pass. The media pass allowed me the opportunity to shoot pictures with the other photography gurus. It was a challenge and a lot of fun getting to know the guys and gals in the riser.This was my first experience shooting pictures on my own, without dragging hubby along. This was also my first experience shooting a live event. Wow, what a lot of first. I'm taking it all in strides. Attending a fashion week has always been one of my dreams! Although they say LA Fashion Week is not a real fashion week, it felt very real for me. I'm glad I was able to be apart of it. The hard work that goes into producing a fashion show should be applauded upon from the fashion industry, and I believe one day LA will get the recognition it deserves as a fashion city. Thanks for a great week ArtHeartsFashion!

Now for today's fashion Friday . This one piece from H&M is amazing. Why you ask? For one, it's $20 dollars. Two, it's extremely comfortable and effortless. Three, it gives you an instant fabulous glam look! Pretty much it's the perfect outfit. Grab some stylish shoes, put your face on, and go. The best outfits are quick, effortless, and affordable. What are some great effortless steals you all have scored for the fall? Tag me in your looks on Instagram or Twitter. Smooches!

Rock My Look:

Jumpsuit: H&M

Shoes: BCBG Generation/Tryhere

Necklace: H&M(notavailable)