How To Have An Untraditional Thanksgiving At Knott's Berry Farm

It’s Monday and we are all refreshing from the Thanksgiving holidays. The holidays are the most celebrated and harmonious times of the year for most people. Families come together to cook and eat. At least that is the tradition for most, and usually our family follows suite, but this year we ventured out. I wanted to go camping but we didn’t plan in advance enough for that. So, we decided to go to Knott’s Berry Farm, noted as North Americas 13th most visited theme park.

Every year Knott’s Berry Farm offers active, retired, and veteran military members free entrance for them and one companion beginning in November-December 2oth for this year(check the website for specific dates).You can also get up to 6 additional tickets for a discounted price. Military or veteran ID is all that is required to take advantage of the offer. So we did, and can I just say it was amazing. I didn’t have to cook one single item, or clean up afterwards, and that felt great. This was our second year living in Los Angeles and we have no family here to conjugate with anyway, so it wasn’t that big of a deal as far as visiting with family. My oldest daughter was hesitant at first asking why we wouldn’t be eating turkey that day, but as she learned we were going to a surprise place for the celebration she opened up to the idea, knowing it would be fun and exciting for her.

The drive to Knott’s took about an hour from our house, and to my surprise it was a decent amount of traffic. I didn’t expect it to be a traffic kind of day because I figured people were at home celebrating with families. My husband quickly relayed to me, we live in LA and there are rare times when traffic isn't hustlin. I’m still getting used to this because in Oklahoma the streets are empty on holidays.

Arriving at Knott’s Berry Farm we did have to pay for parking which was $17.00 dollars for the day. I guess that’s not too bad since we didn’t have to pay for tickets. Walking up they have their market place shops and eateries so it was a bit confusing on where to get our tickets, but we just asked the traffic director. They only had one admission booth open, which was ok because it wasn’t very busy. We waited in line for about 5 minutes, and when we got to the window the lady informed us that standing in line was not necessary we just needed to go straight to the gate and show our id's. We did that got our hands stamped and enter the park.

As you enter the park and start to walk through you get a feel for the old town Midwest. The Knott’s story begins and 1920, and the park still holds to the family’s values, combining wholesome family entertainment with nostalgia and history. They have art, clothing, a glass blower shop, and other merchant type shops that sell historical goodies. You can read about the parks history here. The experience for the kids was overall good. My 7 year old had the option to ride most of the rides. My three year old didn't have as many options, so she was a little upset about that at first. We did end up mending her smile, we rode the carousel, the Calico Mine Ride, and the spinning globe.

I had an amazing blessed untraditional Thanksgiving spending time with my family at this theme park. I always like to go right when people go left, so finding new ways to celebrate is fun for me. Everyone should take an unconventional approach to life and try something the untraditional way sometimes. This can apply to all aspects of life. Changing up the routine keeps you alive and adds some fun and excitement to mundane daily task. Check out the pics below and leave a comment about how you take the untraditional route.

Daddy daughter challenge

Classic American food

Just a cool wall with a cool kid

A Little challenge at the Arcade

Amahri at the Christmas Hall

Lola Sitting at the old school house desk