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Athleisure has taken over the fashion world, and I am hooked. I have always been one to look for comfortability in clothing. My looks range from casual to sexy, yoga pants to business attire, and sometimes fashionably far out. As a mom and wife, I have become a little more casual then I would like to admit. Going from wearing heels most days to tennis shoes was a challenge to my esteem at first, but after my second child I realized carrying a baby around with all of its equipment was not relational to being in heels every day. This is why I am so here for the athleisure trend. I use to reason with myself that wearing workout clothing would ensure I make it to the gym. (Side eye) How many of you ladies have done the same? Ok, I actually do workout at least 5 days a week, but now I no longer have to feel shame in looking like a yogi all day and neither do you. With brands such as Ivy Park, Fenty Puma by Rihanna, and Ty Hunter X Reflex (pictured below) we can all ensure that we are stylish even in workout gear. In the words of our girl Beyonce, "I'm Feelin Myself" in yoga pants! She didn't say that last part, but that's is how I feel!

Ty Hunter X Reflex
In the words of our girl Beyonce, “I’m Feelin Myself” in yoga pants!
Tweet: In the words of our girl Beyonce,
Ty Hunter X Reflex Beyonce stylist

Business Insider stated that Athleisure is not a trend, but a new way that Americans dress. Merging Casual style with sportswear. Even the major lines such as Nike and Adidas have jumped on board creating fashionable pieces such as jackets, dresses, and accessories. 

Ty Hunter X Reflex Six 02 Athleisure

What really excites me is the ease of transforming an Athleisure outfit. Check the style of the dress above. Ty Hunter X Reflex is a brand sold at Six 02 stores. His line involves lots of practical and colorful athleisure that can be worn with tennis shoes or spruced up with a pair of heels like I have done below. I bet you couldn't even tell this is from an athletic store, and that is key. For transitioning to a more fashionable or acceptable look it takes only one key piece. That could be shoes, adding a leather or jean jacket over your Lululemon ensemble, or pairing a nice pair of staple sunnies with your look as you run errands. Whichever way you choose to rock this athletic style just know the options are vast. You can stick to neutral and monochromatic brands, or take it the fun way with multicolor patterns. There is a time and a place to rock active wear, and I believe that time is now.

Beyonce Stylist Ty Hunter X Reflex Six02
Ty Hunter X Reflex

Rock Tha Look

Dress: Ty Hunter X Reflex

Shoes: Nike Huarache 

Heels: Similar

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