27 Years Of Life

As I celebrated my 27th year of life this month, I feel excited, anxious, confused and a mystical number of other feeling. I'm always questioning my life and evaluating who I am and what I am doing. I think it is important to be aware of yourself, so these questions naturally come up in my day to day. Nearing the last few years of my twenties, I feel the need to live it up. I want to party, travel, eat more (screw calories) and just have fun.It's not that I think my life will end after my twenties, it's just that I'll never live them again.

The next few years I hope to spend developing a career that is flexible with my family life, and continuing to be a gracious mother and wife. I also want to look like a cupcake in a bikini! That is a current work in progress and kind of dampens my plans to eat more, but we shall see where this goes. I'm focused on learning more about finances, understanding different aspects of money, financial management, and eventually investing on a bigger scale. Reading is back on my list too, among a variety of other goals. I am happy to be alive and healthy for the most part, so life is magical.

April 1st,2015 I celebrated my day with the family in a very minimal way, because I had surgery the day before. I went to the mall purchased the new Cover FX contour kit, and some lip balm at Sephoras. I then ventured into Zara and brought a little while clutch purse that says, “Dress To impress”. I grabbed a cup of my favorite tea from Teavana and waited for my husband and girls to finish shopping. We returned home and I opened the gifts my girls and husband bought. My night ended with cheese dip, chilidogs, and yellow cake with lemon icing…YUM. I felt overstuffed and overjoyed, so I laid down for the rest of the night. What a great start to my 27th year of life.

P.s My husband got me a selfie stick,Yesssss!

 Rock My Look:

Dress:Forever 21


Flowerband:Charlotte Russe