My Travel Experience: Is Carnival Cruise Triumph Worth The Ride?

My Travel Experience: Is Carnival Cruise Triumph Worth The Ride?

WHEN one of my best friends called me last year and asked if I wanted to go on a cruise, my adventurous side churned. I'm always up for a new travel experience, and a cruise was something that was on my travel bucket list. This was a perfect girls trip and a relaxation getaway. I got to sail the sea, discover new culture, and bask in my own peace of mind. Check out my two part series on the experience.



We shared a room so our rate was roughly around 336.00 per person. I thought this was good considering food and drinks were included. (Except alcohol)

We drove down the night before and stayed at the Marriott in Galveston. That was 78.00 dollars a night. We actually didn't pay for the hotel because my friend’s mom paid for us. She was supposed to go too, but later changed her mind. This was a great gift, but even if we had to pay not a bad price shared by two. You don't have to drive down the night before, but I do recommend it if you live far from the port. The ship departed at 4pm, and I believe boarding started at 12:30pm and was allowed until 2:30pm. Don't quote me on times, double check your itinerary.


Arriving at the Galveston port was quick from our hotel. We rode the group van for a one-time fee, so I do not have information on parking, if you need to park your car, make sure to research beforehand.

When you arrive the bellman takes the luggage you want to check in, and you proceed to the entrance line. Boarding is similar to airport procedures, not as harsh though, you don't have to remove your shoes. You need a boarding pass, ID card, and passport/birth certificate. There are also restrictions on bringing food and water. After making it through security we headed upstairs for ship boarding.

At the ship-boarding counter you are issued your room card and you are able to put cash or link a credit/debit card to an account for purchases on the ship. They did not take cash for most purchases on the ship, such as alcoholic beverages or activities that require cash like bingo. Make sure you load some money on that card. After completing ship check in, we headed toward the ship.

This is where the cheesy background pictures started. There are several photographers and backgrounds set up as you get on the ship that will stop you and capture your first photos. This continues throughout your cruise.

Stateroom With Balcony

After entering the ship we headed to our room, to drop our bags and check out the scenery. We had a stateroom with a balcony. I was impressed with the size. I expected it to be a lot smaller, but it was roomy enough for my bestie and me. There were drawers, closets, and cabinets to store everything, which is good for organization. Side note: We didn't use any of these as storage instead we threw our suitcases on the twin size bed and preceded to rummage and make a big girl mess throughout our trip Luckily, housekeeping did an impeccable job of cleaning our room twice daily. After boarding our bags were delivered within an hour. This concludes part one. Enjoy the pictures and continue to part two for cruise living.