Travel Experience + Is Carnival Cruise Triumph Worth The Ride 2

 Travel Experience + Is Carnival Cruise Triumph Worth The Ride 2

Cruise Living

Each day a pamphlet is delivered to your room with a schedule of activities for the day. Starting from the moment you enter the ship. Some of the activities include comedy shows, movies on deck, casino, nightclub parties, and other various activities through the amenities aboard such as the spa, gym, swimming pool, water slide and multiple bar areas. So, there is a possibility for you to have the ultimate relaxation trip or go the other way and experience every possible recreation available.

One of the many bars

Casino entry


There are multiple dining areas to enjoy your included meals, and quite a variety to choose from. You are scheduled for a nightly dinner, which is predetermined when you book. You can book for an early 6pm dinner or a late 8pm aboard this cruise. The Paris Dining room is where our formal dinners took place. I believe there were two total Paris and London. The food was served in a formal manner, appetizer, main entrée, and desert.

Lido Deck

The waterslide

Lido deck is the most popular deck because it’s were all the food buffets and swimming pool and waterslides are. Basically, this deck is the party of the ship. On this deck is the dining cafeteria where food is served buffet style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also have a late night serving each night. You can also find a pizza parlor, Guys Burger joint, and a deli serving sandwiches throughout the day and night. The buffet has specific hours, but the rest of the food areas were open for our enjoyment into the wee hours of the night. Drinks served included; coffee, tea, water, lemonade, hot chocolate, and the drink fountains are always open. My favorite part of the lido deck was the ice cream machines. I ate iceream for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.

Port Days

Cozumel Port 

The ship stopped at two ports Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico. Both cities were vastly different, but I enjoyed experiencing both of them. Cozumel was full beautiful blue water, and many tourist activities, such as snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, shopping, hotels, and many tourist from all over. Progreso had beautiful water also, not as blue and scenic as Cozumel, but enjoyable still. Progreso was noticeably a poorer city than Cozumel in all aspects. The scenery was quite different, not as many activities offered, and slightly cheaper shopping. I enjoyed the scenic and tourist life of Cozumel, but I loved the city of Progreso because I experienced the people. We walked all the small city streets exploring the shops and experiencing the Mexican culture. The food was great in both cities. The souvenir shopping is a little different. Cozumel has more mainstreams shopping, with high-end jewelry stores and shops. Progreso was much smaller and flee market like. Transportation was easy to get both places. There are taxis when you walk out to the port area in Cozumel and Progresso. Be sure to negotiate prices and the more people the better the price. Progreso taxis were extremely cheap offering $5 dollars for a ride to the city, but the shuttle bus also picks you and takes you for free. A lot of people didn’t enjoy Progreso as much because its not a touristy place like Cozumel, but it is worth exploring. Cozumel speaks for itself just take a look at the pictures. It’s paradise especially for tourist activities.

The first set of Pics are Cozumel

Restaurant, Cozumel

Playing in the souvenir shop,Cozumel

 Cozumel Beach

Some Beach, Cozumel

Horse Stable, Cozumel

The water by the ship was the most beautiful blue color, Cozumel

Foliage at its Best (perfect place for pics)

Progreso, Mexico

The shuttle to Downtown Progreso

The Bar Progreso

The Pharmacy (where all the drugs are sold for way cheaper than in the U.S and no prescriptions needed)

Three beautiful little girls as they got off the school bus,Progreso


Cruising In Mexico
Cruising In Mexico

Overall, I really enjoyed the cruise ship, I believe it is the ideal vacation whether traveling with family, friends, kids, or couples. Cruising kind of entails the ultimate travel experience because you can have the best of both worlds whenever you want. You can have rest and relaxation or activities from beginning to end. Below are some tips, pros and cons.


Bring your own soda, you are allowed to bring beverages in cans

  • Make sure to have cash set aside to put on your ship card and for shopping in Mexico
  • Bring a variety of clothing, of course bathing suits and shorts for Mexico, but on days at sea the ship deck can get chilly at night.
  • The dinners are formal dress for Captains dinner night we wore long ball gowns. Side note: Other nights besides Captains dinners are casual but we dressed up every night for the glam of it.
  • Be prepared for tipping
  • While in Mexico shopping they are very aggressive in trying to get you to buy. Most things are negotiable so shop around.
  • Bring nausea medicine, I didn’t get sick but a lot of people did.
  • I wish they had a bigger variety of events. I’m not exactly sure what, but I heard some of the other ships do.
  • Travel down the night before if you live far from the port the ship sails from
  • Be sure to read the fine print in your itinerary and boarding pass