Seven Ways To Raise A Well Rounded Child

Raising children is a special journey. It might be one of the hardest things I have ever encountered. As a mother, it always ponders in the back and sometimes the front of my mind if I am raising my children right. You know that question pops up often for us mothers, and it’s easy to become obsessed with questioning yourself. With all the available advice and constant new ideas how to raise children pushed on us, I believe in sticking to the basics. Love, care, confidence, and a stable support system. Nothing beats a well-rounded child. Absolutely nothing. They can thrive in almost any setting and can roll with the challenges of a not so perfect setting or matter because they are well rounded. So how do you raise a well-rounded child? Well, there are a number of methods to raising a well-rounded child and here are my top seven suggestions.


Acknowledge & Applaud Them

Yes, acknowledge and applaud them often. This is so key to their success. When a child does something good they should be acknowledged for this good deed or their goodness in general. Let them know they are appreciated.

Celebrate Their Talents

Celebrating their uniqueness and talents. Your child’s uniqueness and talents need to be first celebrated, embraced and nourished by you. This is golden in developing their acceptance of themselves and this newly discovered uniqueness and talents.

Communication Is Golden

Communication is golden and every child needs to they can have open communication with their parent(s) about anything and everything. Encourage conversations about their day, what makes them special, what they want to be, their goals, their challenges etc… Teach them how to communicate with you and others.

Exposure & Experience

Exposure and experience are priceless in the life of a well-rounded child. Expose them to different experiences such as plays, theater, movies, restaurants and all experiences possible so they can develop a love and etiquette for all things positive.

Raise A Reader

Raising a reader is so much fun and priceless as well. Encourage reading for knowledge and pleasure. Look into the current popular reading for their age group. Also, make sure they have access to reading the Reader's Digest, National Geographic, Time for Kid, Sports Illustrated for Kids and any other appropriate readings for their age group. Invite them to read to you as well as you reader with them.

Support System

The right support system is priceless. Create the imperfectly perfect village of support for your child. This can consist of family, friends, and neighbors. Help them to lift your child up and support them in everything they do.


Travel is the best form of education yet. Make sure your child gets to travel even if they are simply day trips within your state or luxury trips across the world. This teaches learning different cultures, hands-on learning, a new perspective of history and so much more.


These are proven and true methods to raising a well-rounded child. There are several more that could be added. What would you add to the above list?