Sweet Treats At LA Cookie Con

Sweet Treats At LA Cookie Con

Last Sunday I had the delight of attending one of the sweetest (pun intended) events in Los Angeles, LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show. Seriously, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes OH MY! It was an event to leave your mouth watering and mind blown. I took my husband and my daughter with me and we were in awe as soon as we entered the building. There were bacon wrapped cupcakes, and cakes towering as tall as me. I could believe my eyes after seeing food as creative art ranging in such designs such as the  Iphone 6 and towering platters of food to vodka infused cupcakes, and twirling cupcake stands. Those were my favorite by the way, alcohol infused cupcakes are the perfect nighttime snacks.

We arrived there Sunday afternoon so the sample goodies started to run low as the weekend show came to an end, but we still got to enjoy the perks of the event. My daughter was particularly excited for the Otis Spunkmeyer Kids Zone, which included face painting by “Urban Sitter” and cookie decorating by Baking with Melissa, whom she deemed a famous person that she was excited to see.

There were plenty of samples to enjoy from the best in confectionery and pastry arts. I had lots of ice cream ranging from gluten free to vegan, and even a newly developed ice cream pudding, which I believe will become a big seller in the next few years. It was awfully delicious with flavors similar to banana pudding that I can't resist. I also indulged in alcohol infused tea, Tatratea. This drink has proofs ranging from 32% to 72% and goes down smooth but strong. My favorite was the peach and they have great recommendations on how to create party favor drinks. My husband who is not a drinker tried the 72% proof and I wish I had took a picture of that moment because it was the most hilarious face I have seen in a while.

As we lingered from one side to the other we stopped in the exclusive VIPs area. This area was roped off and managed by security so that VIPs and press could enjoy such perks as massages, savory bites, and wine. I took advantage of the wine of course. I was also offered a whole bag of vegan chocolate chip cookies from that were tasty enough that my husband and kids ate them all in like three days. I think it was mostly my husband though, which is hilarious because every time I say I'm eating a vegan snack he turns his nose up in disgust. Sidenote:Vegan snacks are really tasty so I encourage you all to try some. Whole foods bakery section has a lot of options to choose from.

Some great advantages to this event were learning about new desserts, discovering whom to hire for catering, and for my parents finding new places to host birthday parties. Our last stop was to taste a sweet potatoe pie so good it brought the nostalgia of our grandmothers to my husband and I. In fact my husband went back for seconds and to find out how to buy. As we walked out my belly was full of sugary calories. We headed over to the step and repeat backdrop to capture our day with pictures featuring chefs hats and giant donuts. This ended our time at LA Cookie Con. I have to say this year was a smash hit, and I look forward to attending future events.