"Take A Risk" + Happy Birthday
NORDSTROM - Spring '17 designer collections have landed

Today is my 29th birthday! I am blessed to see the year, and I look forward to using all the knowledge I have gained in my twenties to live the rest of my life to the fullest. The title for this post is perfect, just like the shirt. "Take A Risk" We hear this all too often. It’s one of those cliché phrases people use for encouragement, I can see people rolling their eyes now. Yet, if we dig much deeper than catch phrases we will see that taking a risk is an innate part of us. We start off as kids befriending strangers hoping that they will be our friends forever. Running around the park jumping off of equipment and swinging from the trees. This is risk undefined. As a child pain, heartbreak, and fear are not concepts that plague our mind. As we grow older we begin analyze every possibility from good too bad that may occur with our life decisions. This comes with age and experience, and stops us in our tracks when seeking to live successfully. Why, why not live and take the risk needed to fulfill the lives of our dreams. It's such a simple concept with complex backings. I don't have it all figured out, but it's one thing I know. "Taking A Risk" is what life is all about.

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