Target Style Haul Series + Prints

Hello Loves, It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been busy trying to figure out how to keep my brain on course and prioritize my day. I have also been attending as many networking events as I possibly can, while the children were off to their grandparents for the summer. Im still searching for which direction I want to go in for the blog, so for now I will keep it as personal style blogging. Now lets talk about fashion!

I have decided to do a three series style haul from one of my favorite stores, Target. Pronounced Tarjay amongst comical friends and according to urban dictionary. If you do not shop at Target, you should. In addition to being affordable, they have great clothing. I can stay there for hours browsing the racks for treasures to add to closet. It's by far one of the most budget friendly place to find clothing for all facets of life. One of my favorite things is there Merona tank tops. They are quality at a cheap price and I suggest every fashion lover try them out. As I said, I will be doing a series of three looks. Let me know what you think. I plan on doing more of these especially since Target is an impossible place to avoid when shopping for a family.

Anywhoo, Have a great weekend Fashionistas and fashionistos!


Rock My Look:

Top: Target -In Store

Skirt: Target- In Store



Earrings: Forever21