Target Style + Chill In Mosssimo

Hey Loves,This has been a good week for me. It's an exciting time for fashion. We have New York Fashion Week coming up in a few weeks, and the fall season is upon us. Meaning, everyone is excited to pull out the coats and sweaters for some layering coziness. Although I live in Los Angeles where the weather does not tend to get that cold, I am excited to pull out my layering fashion at night at least. On to this weeks fashion. This is the last in my Target Style Haul series. This weeks outfit is really chill, and I wore it to this kids concert I took the girls to two weeks ago. I'm in love with the hat, I've been wearing it everywhere. Let me know if you enjoyed the Target series. I will be doing more of these, because Target is one of my favorite stores.

Rock My Look:

Blouse: Target

Shorts: Target