The Benefits Of A Quickie


Ladies and Gentlemen let us discuss sex. Sex is important. (Duh) We all love a good steamy session. I know I do, but sometimes as we become enabled in our routines as a couple we tend to have less time for sex. That is where the quickie comes in handy. A quickie is an important part of a relationship. Especially if you are like me married with two children and an extremely busy schedule. I mean you gotta get it in, Ok!


The benefits of a quickie are priceless to a relationship and even more to a marriage. Let me tell you why. It is so easy to get caught up with your responsibilities, everyday activities and goals and before you realize it love making and sex have been put on the back burner. Yes, the back burner and it is always unconsciously. Life these days is hectic. We work longer hours and take on more than we should. This causes a lot of our relationships to suffer. This won't be a quick fix (pun intended), and if your relationship is suffering from a deeper sexual health issue I would encourage to seek to counsel from a professional. The quickie is a strategy to keep your sex life in shape. You need quickies. They need quickies. The relationship needs quickies. After all, a passionate quick rendezvous can be steamy and hot which studies have shown to be great mood boosters.

The Benefits Of A Quickie


What are other benefits? Well, here is a list.


1. Instant connection. A quickie allows for an instant connection between you and your other like no other. Just touching alone can amplify senses and emotions so imagine the power connection romantically from a quickie.


2.   Emotional boost is inevitable from a quickie and everyone will notice the difference. It is something about being desired that brings a self-assured to an ultimate high. You tend to have more confidence in your being after a good sweaty sex.


3.  Less pressure as associated with regular sex and love making. Yes, quickies equal fewer performance pressures. There is less foreplay pressure. Less prep because it is spontaneous and everything goes with a quickie. You can get a quickie in any place any time. There are no perfect circumstances for perfect sex or love making involved because it is a quickie.


4.  More opportunities to increase the frequency of sex and love making is what comes from a series of quickies. Look at them as the foreplay to your bigger sex and love making sessions. Quickies can make a significant difference in a number of times you are intimate in your relationship. You began to crave each other and take it to a higher connection level.


5. Quickies make you express your desire for each other more. Before you know it or even realize it you will quickly return to the days of desiring your partner. Sex naturally increases the intimacy of a relationship, so adding in a few more sessions will add to the communication of a healthy sex life.


6.  Quickies encourage your creativeness as a couple. Yep! Please believe it. You have to get real creative with where to do it. How to do it and even the timing. Do you get in a quickie before work? What about after work? What about when you meet for lunch? When the baby down for nap time? What about during a family function? (naughty) The list of desires and challenges can and should be fun!


I have created a downloadable pdf to help you with this 7-day challenge. You can follow my idea schedule or create your own. Remember these tools can be used before work, during the day, or after work.

The 7 Day Sex Challenge


Quickies have been proven to lower your stress levels so make sure you take care of each as much as you can. After all, it is your civic duty. (Smile) I have a challenge for you. For the next seven days, I challenge you to get in as many quickies as you can and then share how it improves your relationship, connection, and stress levels over the next seven days. Are you in? I sure hope so.


Comment below if you are taking the challenge, and share your best quickie tips!