The Mod Shift Dress

This dress is a vintage classic. I wore it last night to a great event called The Women's Social Networking Soaree put on by Fly Girls Unite at Asa Meza in Hollywood. It was my second networking event since moving to LA, and the best thus far. I met a lot of good,genuine, and inspiring women.  I hope to attend many more events as such.

This outfit was everything a vintage girl could love. The dress is a 1960's possibly 1970's mod shift dress. I found it at the thrift shop for six dollars (Score). Vintage dresses are sometimes hard to find these days at the thrift shop because of all the stores and websites catering specifically to that market. 

The dress has a lot of print and details, so I felt very little was needed to dress this up.

So, here is the story with the shoes; I actually changed them last minute on my way to the event. I needed to shave and didn't feel comfortable rocking these booties, so I wore thigh high black boots.  I loved the thigh highs, but I like these shiny boots even more. They matched the mod look and gave it a disco feel.

I had a great time rocking this dress. I will definitely be on the look out for vintage shift dresses as I rummage through the thrift shops of the future. You can also find vintage dresses online or in vintage dress shops.

Rock My Look

Dress: Vintage(old)/Vintage Dress Shop Etsy

Shoes:Senso(old)/Sparkly Booties

Clutch: Target(old)/Try this