Trill and Chill

I grabbed this cute sweatsuit out the mens section. I always find good items in the men section at different stores, so ladies don't be afraid to explore. This item is no longer available but I found a great alternative.

Top:Forever 21/Pants:Forever 21

 The perfect blend of dark,fashionable,and comfy. I automatically knew I had to have this when I spotted it in the store. The Aztec print is what drew me in. I always love a black and white vibe.

 Although Cosmopolitan says black lipstick is out, I personally still love the allure. It is a fixture that I will pull out of my makeup bag from time to time.

For the lipstick, I used black eyeliner and lip gloss to make a black lipstick. It worked perfect! (Alternative) LA Colors/Earrings:personal collection

Rock My Look:

Top:Forever21/Pants:Forever21/Shoes:MichaelKors (old) Alternative

Photography by Samuel Mcknight